Casement Windows

The Origin Casement Window is available as fixed, with top or side openers and dummy sashes (meaning that the sash doesn't open, but it will match the style and sightlines of the openers).

A close up of a gable window

A close up of a gable window

Designed with safety in mind, all side hung windows use hinges which satisfy fire exit regulations (subject to sash size).

Our flexible manufacturing techniques and clean and simple aesthetics mean there's no compromise between getting the look you want and strength and security. The casement window can be made up to 1000mm wide x 1800mm tall on side hung windows and up to 1500mm x 1500mm on top hung windows, and even coupled together for larger apertures.

Weather tight seals

Bay Windows

Our sophisticated bay windows add bespoke character. Projecting and proud by nature, the bay window contrasts beautifully with the timeless design of the internal and external flush casement windows.

A close up of a gable window

All elements of the Origin Window are bespoke, so is your bay. Indicate the quantity, type and colour scheme of your windows, including their size, the ones you want to open, and the angles between, to create a truly beautiful window which will add an enormous amount of character to your home.

A close up of a gable window


Make a real statement with the beautifully designed symmetry and sightlines of an Origin Gable, and turn your home into a masterpiece.

A close up of a gable window

Suitable for even the shallowest of roof pitches and alignment with door leaves, the Origin Gable will always allow for maximum light and impact.